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Alternatively, if you have already done your research and gathered your utility bills and you are ready to meet with Integrity, simply complete the long form below. We will contact you to schedule a site visit or appointment.

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    1. Get your utility company statements for the last 12 months. See below.
    2. Complete the Integrity Comprehensive Questionnaire located below.

    How To Get Your Utility Statements

    Your monthly statement from the utility company has an “Electric Account Detail” page. It is typically page three of the statement and shows your actual detail of electric use. It shows the rates you pay for different use levels (tiers). It also shows the actual kilowatts used. This is important for us to see in order to calculate your solar savings. It typically looks like this:


    If you cannot find your utility company statements or you are missing some months, you can get them online by going to your utility company’s website. You may have to register to get an online account, but once you’ve done that, you can download copies of your statements. Once you’re logged in, look for the link that will get you to your statements. Either fax them or bring them to your first meeting with Integrity. If you prefer, you can give your account information to Integrity and they will download the statements for you.

    Integrity will enter your energy usage information and rate information into a specialized software program that assists in the sizing and cost saving factors of a new PV solar system.

    After entering the information into the software, Integrity will generate comprehensive reports pertaining to the recommended system(s) for your home.  Most often, you will be presented with more than one option to reduce your dependency on the power companies.  Generally speaking, we look at reducing your reliance on the utility companies anywhere from 50 to 100 percent. Our report will reflect all the options with all the investment costs, rebates, and savings.

    Start with completing the online questionnaire. An Integrity representative will contact you. You can also call Integrity at (530) 365-9100 to schedule your appointment. Feel free to print out the online questionnaire. Otherwise, Integrity will have your information in hand for your first meeting. Providing Integrity with your bills is the key factor to getting a system sized properly for your lifestyle.

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