Expandable Solar System: Solar Power in the Greater Redding, California Area

Start small and grow at your own pace.

  • If youā€™ve just relocated to a new home and you are unsure of the kilowatt usage, you can start with a small system and expand that system to meet your needs as they grow.
  • If you like paying cash for your investments instead of incurring a debt, a starter system may the right option for you. You can expand it at your leisure without feeling any pressure. It allows you to start saving immediately.

Thereā€™s nothing more frustrating than spending big money on somethingā€”only to see it replaced by new technology shortly down the line. The new Green Power Solar Expandable System is a starter solar power system that is affordable for almost any budget.

Starter systems are more affordable.

gosolar_logoWhile a total solar power conversion (for running a home off sunlight exclusively) may be unaffordable for most people, a solar power system that cuts down on utility bills is a much easier goal to achieve. A full-house solar power system can cost up to $30,000 for the average home, which is beyond the budget of most people. With the help of state incentives available through the California Solar Initiative (CSI) program and a federal tax credit of up to 30%, a starter system is now more affordable.

Purchase the perfect kit.

We have a perfect starter home solar power kit that takes care of most of your conveniences at a low cost, while being almost maintenance free.Our goal is to offer solar electricity production as affordably as possible, while using only the finest products available. Let us design an expandable system for you that is powerful and that will help reduce the most expensive kilowatts from your utility bill. With the small expandable system, your investment is less and your payback is much faster! Best of all, when you are ready to increase your power production, your system is ready to add more panelsā€”just give Integrity a call!

Start small and grow big!!

Getting your expandable system installed will help you save money, reduce your impact, and improve your lifestyle. Starting with a starter system allows you to begin offsetting your utility cost and to grow or expand your system one or two panels at a time as your budget allows. Statistics continue to show that utility costs will continue to rise at a rate of 6.5% annually. Your Green Power starter system can help you get one step ahead of the rising costs.

How does a grid-tied PV solar system work?

#1: Sunlight shines on the solar array and the photovoltaic process starts. The electricity that the PV array creates is then delivered to the inverter through electrical conductors.

#2: The inverter transforms DC (direct current) voltage into usable AC (alternating current) voltage.

#3 & #4:Ā The AC power from the inverter will transfer power to electrical loads in use or, upon load demand, turn your electrical meter backwards.

#5: The electrical power grid is your local or state power company. The power and electricity of a PV electrical system that is produced, but not used, is then credited to the user or stored for use when there is a high demand of power in need.

Information from the above was obtained from the NASA website at http://science.nasa.gov/science-news/science-at-nasa/2002/solarcells/.

What does the expandable system include?

An expandable solar system is installed by Integrity, located near Chico and Redding. Whether you are spending $5,000 or $25,000, you will get the same great quality and workmanship. All jobs are a complete turn-key jobā€”from the site analysis and the sizing and design of the system, to the end process of the final inspection. All systems include all the necessary components requiredā€”panels and arrays, inverters, a monitoring system, mounting hardware, etc.