Itaipu Dam on Paraguay and Brazil border

3 Unusual Countries That Are Leaders in Alternative Energy

There’s a big push for alternative energy these days, and for good reason. Experts have speculated that fossil fuels could start running out as soon as 2025. A couple countries—some of them virtually unknown—have already achieved 100% renewable energy sourcing … Read the rest

Home with Renewable Energy from Solar Panels in Chico, CA

Renewable Energy Options for Your California Home

You’ve probably heard terms like “renewable energy”, “green energy”, or “sustainable solutions” being thrown around. What is renewable energy? Quite simply, it’s any energy that is produced from a source that can replenish itself; generally, it’s also cleaner. … Read the rest

Air Conditioning Repair Services in Redding

Buying a New HVAC System? Here Are the Terms You Need to Know

Heating and air conditioning can eat up a large chunk of your monthly budget. Whether you’re building a new home or just upgrading an older one, the decision of which HVAC system to buy is a decision that will impact … Read the rest

Solar panels on a cloudy day

Can Solar Panels Withstand Storms?

Solar power is a revolutionary way to generate electricity. To maximize the power of the sun, solar panels are usually attached to the rooftops of houses and other buildings all over the world, which means that they are subjected to … Read the rest