Alternative Energy in Redding, CAIntegrity Heating, Air and Solar is a full-scale HVAC solutions company. As part of our list of services, we also offer options in alternative energy to Redding home and business owners. We are committed to educating our customers on the benefits, feasibility, and affordability of alternative energy, including solar energy, geothermal heat pumps, and wind energy.

Solar Power

In a sunny state like California, solar power is an excellent alternative energy source. Integrity provides only the best in solar solutions. Our products are insured for 25 years and are expected to increase the appraised value of your property by between 10 to 35 percent. Not only that, but with federal tax credits, you can expect a return of approximately 25 percent on your investment over the life of your solar system. Our PV (photovoltaic) panels are expected to last 50 years. Even better, they require very little maintenance. Our systems are designed to be very efficient, eliminating waste and generating as much solar power as possible to produce the most savings. We’ll be sure to see to your practical energy needs as well as your aesthetic concerns.

Wind Energy

At Integrity, we’re resourceful. That’s why we also offer wind energy options. Like sunlight, wind is free and can be generated without producing harmful pollutants or gases. Contrary to what some may think, northern California has many locations that are capable of providing generous amounts of wind-powered energy. A small wind energy system, often consisting of a single turbine, can usually generate enough energy to meet the demands of a home, small business, or farm.

Geothermal Heat Pumps

Geothermal heat pumps, also called ground source heat pumps (or GSHP), draw heat from the ground to heat a home and transfer heat to the ground to cool a home. These systems are designed to capitalize on the simple reality that the ground below the frost line (about four feet below-ground) stays at a constant temperature of about 50 degrees year-round. Geothermal systems reduce electricity usage by 25 to 50 percent compared to conventional cooling or heating systems. Additionally, they’re some of the most low-cost and low-maintenance systems around.
With Integrity Heating, Air, and Solar, you get a well-rounded, full-package approach. We’re skilled at helping you identify the alternative energy system in Redding that will be the most effective for your situation. Just ask us to come by for an evaluation.