Close up of female hand adjusting home heating thermostat with partial currency money in palm.

5 Effective Tips for Saving Money on Heating and Air Conditioning

Close up of female hand adjusting home heating thermostat with partial currency money in palm.Homeowners want to remain comfortable when spending time on their property in each season of the year. Due to changes in weather conditions, it can be easy to rely on the HVAC system to maintain the temperature in the home. To save money and reduce the cost, there are a few important tips to follow.

Plant More Trees

According to, planting more leafy trees will cool down the home by preventing as much sunlight from coming through the windows. Opt for using 15 to 20-foot trees to shade the property and increase your AC’s efficiency by 10 percent.

Dress Up the Windows

It’s important to give extra attention to the windows to reduce the cost of your heating and air conditioning usage on the property. Consider installing blackout curtains to reduce the amount of sunlight and heat that comes into the building during the day. You can also apply window films, which tint the glass and reduce the amount of UV rays that enter the home on sunny days. Solar screens are also effective at intercepting up to 70 percent of solar energy and are inexpensive to install.

Set the Thermostat

It’s easy for the air conditioner or heat to be overused when the thermostat is not set during the day and night. Set the thermostat at 75 degrees during the day and consider turning it off at night. During the summer season, you can rely on overhead fans and open up the windows to keep the air circulating in each room. During the winter season, you can stay warm as you sleep by relying on heavy blankets and by using a fireplace to heat the property. Setting the thermostat will save 10 to 15 percent of your energy usage, which can equate to hundreds of dollars in savings annually.

Seal Leaks

According to, you can save money by keeping your home airtight. You’ll need to seal leaks or drafts that are present by caulking cracks or holes that have developed on the walls of the building. New insulation can also be added to the walls and ceiling of the attic to control the temperature and keep the outside heat or cold away throughout the year.

Change the Air Filters

Many people fail to maintain their HVAC system by keeping it clean. It’s important to replace the air filters every 30 days, which will allow it to run efficiently when it’s in use. You can also keep the outdoor unit clean by removing leaves and debris from the product to ensure that it doesn’t use more energy than necessary to run. A professional can also inspect the product every year to determine if it needs to be replaced with an Energy Star-qualified product, which will increase your savings.

The energy that you use in your home with your heating and air conditioning allows the interior setting to remain comfortable in each season of the year. The cost of energy can fluctuate depending on the usage. By making a few changes on the property, you can reduce your energy usage and the overall cost of your energy bill to save a significant amount of money each year.